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  • Máy Vắt Ly Tâm VITONE tiết kiệm 30% so với sản phẩm cùng loại
  • Công suất tới: 120m3/h
  • Loại: Decanter Centrifuge (Máy Ép Ly tâm)
  • Ứng dụng: Tách rắn lỏng trong các ngành công nghiệp
  • Xuất xứ: VITONE ECO S.R.L - Italy



Nhà sản xuất: VITONE ECO S.R.L - ITALY 

Model: Vfzero, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, V9 

Công ty Môi Trường Hành Trình Xanh hân hạnh là nhà nhập khẩu và phân phối độc quyền sản phẩm Máy Vắt Ly Tâm Mr.Sluge (Italy) tại Việt Nam. Chúng tôi cam kết cung cấp sản phẩm và dịch vụ tốt nhất tới Quý Khách hàng.

VITONE ECO S.R.L Với trên 110 năm kinh nghiệm trọng việc sản xuất máy vắt ly tâm dùng cho ngành: Thực Phẩm, Dược phẩm, hóa dầu, môi trường. Sản phẩm máy ép bùn ly tâm Mr.Sludge giúp tiết kiệm 30% điện năng so với các sản phẩm máy ép bùn ly tâm khác. Công suất có thể lên tới 120m3/h.


This closed decanting system is provided with a cylindrical-conical drum and an inner screw, both rotating on the same axis, but at different speed. The fluid, which has to be separated, is brought into the drum and, due to the centrifugal force of rotation, it is immediately collected on the drum's inner walls, where the separation between the solid part and the liquid one takes place. The solid part is discharged through the end of the conical section of the bowl, while the liquid one flows back through the drum and it is finally discharged by the end of the cylindrical section. During this phase, a polyelectrolyte, selected on the basis of the liquid characteristics, may be added with a view to improve the separation job, since it facilitates the aggregation and the collection of solid particles. Through a three-phases decanting system, it is even possible to simultaneously split two liquid parts and a solid one. The centrifugal decanter is a state-of-the art technology also due to its environmentally friendly approach. In fact, it minimizes both waste and transportation volumes. In addition, it is easy to use in both installation and set up, it does not require too much room, it does not drip, it does not make any bad smell. Due to all these features, VITONE ECO’s decanters are the best option available, compared to belt presses and filter presses. Centrifugal technology is the best choice concerning thickening and dehydration, since it maximizes the outbound dry product quantity, it requires minimum maintenance, it works round-the-clock. VITONE ECO’s decanters feature Italian design and high quality components. Many options are available for materials of drums and screws. The screw is protected by special mixtures of tungsten carbide. The differential variation is fully handled by VITONE ECO’s Vtronic computer program, which guarantees significant energy saving, compared with other traditional systems.


Vertical Separators are mainly implemented in those processes, in which it is feasible to exploit the physical phenomenon of sedimentation for difference of density. This kind of separation enables to split either two liquids from a solid or a liquid from a solid, depending on the kind of disc used. Different factors affect the separation
results, such as the product temperature, the viscosity and the flow rate. VITONE ECO's vertical disc separators are made of high resistance pressed stainless steel; they perform high rotation speed; they are equipped with a solid parts gathering system, placed at the end of drum: the solid parts are automatically and timely discharged through a Programmable Logic Controller.



Skid Units are the new VITONE ECO's solutions which enable users to exploit the engineering capacity of the manufacturer. All kinds of available decanters and separators can be assembled on metal skids, which are fully equipped and provided with the required plumbing and electrical systems. VITONE ECO makes compact, and ready to use skids. These units are a valid alternative option for both movable plants and fixed ones. Users have to make neither arrangements of supporting equipments nor connections with the electrical system or the plumbing one. Everything is already pre-installed: feed pumps, electrical panel, sludge-removing screws and flow rate gauges are already correctly installed.



FOOD AND BEVERAGE  _ Ngành Thực Phẩm và Nước Giải Khát

As for companies operating in this field, VITONE ECO Company manufactures horizontal axis centrifuges and vertical axis separators. These technologies support in
liquid effluents handling processes. They target companies involved with tomato sauce production, those ones committed to make meat and fish by-products, companies engaged with the treatment of wastewater from dairies and vegetable juices (such as citrus fruits, wine, beer) makers.


VITONE ECO decanters, along with all supporting machinery, such as poly-preparers, dewatered sludge removing screws, pumps,
etcetera, fulfil the following purposes:

  • dehydration and thickening of sludge from civil and industrial waste water treatment plants;
  • dehydration of vegetable biomasses and zoo-technical sludge;
  • wastewater treatment for distilleries and tanning industries.

Most wastes are from industrial processes.With a view to handle them correctly, VITONE ECO provides complete solutions, concerning dehydration of drilling sludge, recycling of wastewater from processes related to chemical, pharmaceutical and extractive (minerals and metals) industries


Energy is a matter expected to have a raising impact on Economy and on any human activity. VITONE ECO provides energy companies with efficient and environmentally friendly machinery. Particularly VITONE ECO makes solutions for:

  • the treatment of mineral oils and fuels from refineries and lagoons;
  • dehydration of residues from biogas production process,
  • production processes of non-fossil fuels, such as biodiesel and bio-ethanol.

Thông số kỹ thuật Máy Vắt Ly Tâm :


Công suất

Ép / Vắt 

Bowl .D


Main motor

Second Motor


L * W * H (mm)



Vfzero 5 m3/giờ 250 mm

 7,5 ÷ 11kW

3 ÷ 5,5kW

2.200 * 600 * 990 650 Kg
V1 10 m3/giờ 350mm

11 ÷ 18,5kW

4 ÷ 11kW

2.110 * 800 * 1.400 1300 kg
V2 20 m3/giờ 350mm

15 ÷ 22kW

4 ÷ 11kW

2.550 * 800 * 1.400 1600 kg
V3 25 m3/giờ 350mm

15 ÷ 30kW

5,5 ÷ 15kW

2.990 * 800 * 1.400 1900 kg
V4 35 m3/giờ 450mm

30 ÷ 45kW

11 ÷ 22kW

3.115 * 1.200 * 2.350 3500 kg
V5 45 m3/giờ 450mm

37 ÷ 55kW

11 ÷ 30kW

3.540 *1.200 * 2.350 4000 kg
V6 60 m3/giờ 550mm

45 ÷ 75kW

15 ÷ 45kW

4.300 * 1.400 * 1.900 6500 kg
V7 70 m3/giờ 550mm

45 ÷ 75kW

15 ÷ 45kW

4.300 * 1.400 * 1.900 7000 kg
V8 100 m3/giờ 650mm

90 ÷ 132kW

22 ÷ 75kW

5.400 * 1.720 * 2.150 9000 kg
V9 120 m3/giờ 650mm

90 ÷ 132kW

22 ÷ 75kW

5.400 * 1.720 * 2.150 9000 kg


  • Bowl: AISI 431 AISI 316L DUPLEX
  • Scroll: AISI 431 AISI 316L DUPLEX
  • Feed Tube: AISI 304 AISI 316L
  • Centrate disk AISI 304 AISI 316L
  • Liquid and solid chamber AISI 304 AISI 316L
  • Product contact part: AISI 304 AISI 316L
  • Protection carter: Carbon steel painted
  • Structure: Carbon steel painted

Nguyên Tắc Hoạt Động

  • Bùn được đưa liên tục vào Buồng Tách (bowl), của Máy Ép Bùn Ly Tâm Mr.Sludge đang quay với vận tốc cao. Do lực ly tâm lớn, Bùn sẽ được phân bố đều bên thành trong và xoay cùng Buồn Tách. Bùn sẽ được giữ lại tại thành trong của buồng tách và nước được chảy ra ngoài theo đường nước.
  • Do Bùn vẫn còn bên trong Buồng Tách nên được tách ra nhờ Vít Tải được thiết kế đặc biệt bên trong Buồng Tách để lấy bùn ra. Quá trình tách chất rắn ra ngoài sẽ diễn ra đồng thời với quá trình nạp liệu và tách pha lỏng sạch,
  • Bùn đạt độ khô hoàn hảo nhờ sự kết hợp của hai quá trình: Do lực ly tâm lớn tạo ra lực nén và tách nước sơ bộ bước đầu ngay khi chất rắn mới hình thành trong buồng tách kết hợp với việc vắt nước mạnh do chất rắn chuyển qua giai đoạn nén ép tại cuối vít tải trước khi ra lỗ thoát.

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